8th December, 1935 | The Ringtons BlogThe Ringtons Blog 8th December, 1935 | The Ringtons Blog

We visited several more of these immense buildings which had been unearthed during the past 50 years by Mr. Bell’s father. Mac and Siewert of Colombo went snipe shooting very early in the morning. Had to send our car out thirty miles to bring them in as their over curious “boy” had meddled with the inside of their vehicle and messed up their “timing”. We bid goodbye to Mr. Bell and our driver. Left the hotel at about 1am and after travelling by train to Talaimannar, and from there across Adam’s Bridge which is the ferry between Ceylon and India to Dhanushkodi. From there to Madura was a 6 hour train journey, and we arrived there at 4pm on Monday. Visited the largest Hindu temple in the world after tea. There were thousands of worshippers there – prostrating themselves and smearing their bodies with white plaster. We inspect the temple by daylight tomorrow. It is the tail end of the “Feast of the Lights”.

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