Ringtons. A Visit to India and Ceylon: 5th December, 1935The Ringtons Blog Ringtons. A Visit to India and Ceylon: 5th December, 1935

A wonderful and most dangerous drive to Hunisgeriya – Wattigama Estate – mark “Maha Oya.” Mr. Duprez Moore is the manager and he is the second man we have met who believes in grading his tea before firing it. The factory produces our type of tea and although the plant is old the methods are right up-to-date. Late in getting  away owing to Mr and Mrs Moore’s hospitality. They have a nice bungalow in beautiful surroundings. Then a  short drive to the “Goonambil” Estate. Mr Gibbon, the brother of Mr Gibbon of K.A.W is the manager and he also produces our type of tea. Tasted teas and then viewed his Cocoa and Spice factory. They produce black and white pepper cloves, mace, cinnamon and nutmegs, but we had not time to go round each department. After lunch visited the local Kandyan Arts Institute and saw the craftsmen working in copper, silver and bronze hammer work. Made a few purchases and then to tea with Mr Bell, Senior, who is 84 years of age and one of the best known men in Ceylon. A great archeologist and linguist too. Then a drive round Kandy on the hills and through the jungle – getting a surprise view of the town here and there. Before leaving Kandy we got a few snaps of the Temple of Tooth and also fed the fish and tortoises of the lake. The fish and tortoises are so numerous that when a piece of bread is thrown in the water it is in a state of commotion instantly. No fishing is allowed. The water is very clear and it is a wonderful sight it see fish in such numbers.

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