Ringtons. A Visit to India and Ceylon: 4th January, 1936The Ringtons Blog Ringtons. A Visit to India and Ceylon: 4th January, 1936

Left for Cawnpore 9:50am and arrived 11:15am. Drive round Wheeler’s Entrenchment, the Memorial Church, the Burial Well and Massacre Ghat. The Memorial Well marks the scene where many of the British men, women and children who were massacred were thrown by the mutineers. At Cawnpore the revolted sepoys were headed by Nana Sahib. After a heroic but fruitless attempt to defend themselves, the Europeans capitulated on the sworn promise of Nana Sahib to allow them to retire to Allahabad. On the 27th the survivors, about 450 in number, were embarking when they were attacked by the Nana’s troops, and the men indiscriminately massacred. The women and children, 125 in number, were carried back to Cawnpore and kept till the 15th July, when they were all cut to pieces on the approach of Havelock’s army. Cawnpore was stormed by the British troops the day following. The British got their revenge at Sikandir Bagh a few months later. Then to the Jain and Glass Temples, beautiful, clean buildings in a filthy district. Dinner and the 10:25pm train for Delhi.

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