Ringtons. A Visit to India and Ceylon: 25th January, 1936The Ringtons Blog Ringtons. A Visit to India and Ceylon: 25th January, 1936

Packed and luggage all away by nine o’clock. Left for ship s.s “Carthage”, at 11:30am and in our cabin “Lala”, our bearer, performs a touching little ceremony when he presents Mac and I with a red rose each and places a rope of beautiful flowers round our necks, the custom of Indian in welcoming or bidding goodbye to their friends. Edward Rose – Beriff and Lala left a quarter of an hour before the ship sailed. In the opinion of Englishmen in Bombay the finest sight in the world is to view the city from the stern of a homeward bound ship. On our return from Elephanta Island I drew the attention of our guide to a fresh bite on my wrist – he said “You have had your arm on the side of the boat” – these men (4) sleep and feed on the boat and it swarms with bugs – “that is a bug bite”.

On the Saturday morning my left eye felt queer and before night it was practically closed – my arm also was very much swollen – Mac brought the ship’s doctor to me and the following day I spent in bed with pink lint fomentations on my eye. Eye and arm much better on Monday – able to get on deck and enjoy the breeze.

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