Ringtons. A Visit to India and Ceylon: 18th January, 1936The Ringtons Blog Ringtons. A Visit to India and Ceylon: 18th January, 1936

A rickshaw drive round the Gem lake, Mount Abu and through the bazaars which are the cleanest and neatest we have seen in India. Mount Abu is very hilly and rocky and we got some splendid views going round the Lake. Afterwards we drove to the famous Dilwara Temples by rickshaw – 3 men to each. One can hardly describe these temples after seeing so much carving in marble and stone during our tour. There are two Jain Temples of white marble and there are two more temples but they are of stone and just ordinary. The marble temples make one gasp at the work – the ceiling, pillars, walls, recesses – every one of a different design and every piece of marble covered with carving. The first temple – Adinath – was started in A.D 1032 and is said to have cost 185,600,000 rupees, or £12,400,000 and took fourteen years to build. Nimmath Temple was built 200 years later and cost £10,000,000 and is even more magnificent, if that is possible. Some of the ceiling carvings are so delicate that the marble is almost transparent. One corridor has ten large marble, knotted ropes, etc., are all wonderfully and delicately carved. In my opinion these are the most wonderful and beautiful buildings we have seen so far. On our way to Mt. Abu we changed trains at Ajmere and having an hour to spare took a taxi and drove round the bazaars – to the Mosque and to a beautiful lake, otherwise it was the usual Indian town – clouds of dust caused in all parts of India by the natives stirring up the dust with cane brooms. Supposed to be sweeping the streets, the only results I have been able to see is that they create a continuous cloud of dust. Caught the 4:22pm train for Bombay.

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