Ringtons. A Visit to India and Ceylon: 17th December, 1935The Ringtons Blog Ringtons. A Visit to India and Ceylon: 17th December, 1935

Visited the Calcutta Tea Sale room. The tea sold rapidly and at low prices. The sale is for home consumption only and the tea cannot be exported. Native dealers buying principally – plenty of yelling, more so than on the London and Colombo markets. Then went to see Brooke Bonds’ new factory. The more one sees of that organisation the more one marvels – their tin printing and box-making departments – the vast amount of tea which is blended and packed, stacked and addressed to almost every part of the world, and the number of labour-saving devices, most of which are their own inventions. Mr Brain, the Manager, has been most attentive so also has the Works Manager, which is an engineer and inventor. Dined with Mr and Mrs Brain at their home and met two Heaton people there in Mr and Mrs Worthington. Mrs Worthington is the daughter of Mrs Hunter, who was our neighbour in Jesmond Vale Terrace. Mr Worthington was born in Rothbury Terrace and is now No. 1 in Andrew Yules Coal Dept. After dinner they took us to Firpos’, where dancing took place and an amateur cabaret was being held to find new talent. Mac has been out riding for two mornings. Yesterday morning his horse sat down and rolled over. He had a new horse this morning which lashed out and kicked Siewert’s horse and the rider’s ankles, but no serious harm was done. Everyone we meet here is hospitable and all seem a very fine type of people. We are off to Andrew Yule and Co. to meet some people we met on the boat.

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