12 Ways to get into the Christmas Spirit.The Ringtons Blog 12 Ways to get into the Christmas Spirit.

Here at Ringtons, we are filled with Christmas spirit, and we want to make sure that our customers are feeling the festive magic too. This is why we have put together a handy guide filled with all of our favourite hints and tips for getting into the Christmas spirit. So sit back, relax and enjoy our festive guide with your favourite cup of tea.


Are you struggling to get into the Christmas spirit? Here are twelve ways to feel fun and festive in the run-up to the big day.

1. Christmas Movies 

Our first step to getting into the Christmas spirit is to, of course, get the festive films playing. Whether you sit down with a bowl of popcorn and a warming tea or pop them on in the background while you tick off your to-do list, a classic Christmas movie is the perfect way to fan the flames of your festive cheer. 

2. Festive Countdown

Everyone needs a Christmas advent calendar to count down the days in December. No matter your age, festive cheer is for everybody! But if you’re looking for something that little bit more festive, then why not create your own advent calendar, whether it’s for yourself or a loved one? 

Make an advent calendar filled with your favourite things and add a mixture of Ringtons tea, biscuits and treats for a festive gift that keeps on giving. This is the perfect way to pick you up each day in the winter season. 

3. Bakes and Cakes 

Fill the house with merry smells by making mince pies, a Christmas cake or a classic Christmas pudding. You can enjoy these Christmas treats all season long and always have a tasty dessert on hand for unexpected guests popping over for a cuppa and catch-up. The sweet scent of baked goods is a subtle and relaxing way to ease into the Christmas spirit.

4. Magical Decorating 

When it comes to decorating, we believe the more tinsel and sparkle, the better! Whether you do it all in one go or take your time adding a decoration here and there, the magic of transforming your home for the Christmas season is a sure-fire way to spread cheer throughout your home to get the whole family feeling the magic. 

Don’t forget to brew everyone their favourite cup of tea or a festive hot chocolate to keep the mood light, as we all know tensions can run high when everybody gets involved!

5. Enjoy a Christmas Beverage 

Nothing says Christmas like a glass of mulled wine, Advocaat or a warm mug of spiced tea. You can enjoy a Christmas beverage any time and place, so pop some spiced tea in your bag to enjoy in the office, at a friend’s or on the go. Don’t forget to add candy canes, biscuits or a jewel wrapped chocolate on the side for extra Christmas cheer. We think our spiced Christmas tea goes best with a stick of cinnamon! 

6. Visit a Christmas Market 

Now, we know that the hustle and bustle of Christmas days out are not for everyone, but if you loved being amongst the crowds, sharing laughter and enjoying the sounds of carol singers, then you will love a traditional Christmas market. From arts and crafts handmade with love to sweet treats that are perfect for gifting, for many, a Christmas market is the dream place for finding surprise stocking fillers. 

7. Wear a Christmas Jumper

Cute, classic or funny, you’ll be sure to raise a smile and help spread the Christmas cheer with a festive jumper. Whether in the office, running errands or cosy days at home, we don’t think a Christmas jumper should be limited to just one day a year. So, start wearing them now and feel the Christmas spirit with this unofficial uniform for the season. 

8. Christmas Shopping 

If you’re anything like our team at Ringtons, you find joy in giving Christmas presents rather than receiving. Though we may get stressed trying to find the perfect gifts, once you have found them, the feeling of accomplishment is one to savour and enjoy. If you’re stuck on ideas, you can’t go wrong with a Christmas gift from Ringtons, or why not create your own hamper style gift with an assortment of our most popular teas, coffees and biscuits available?

9. Listen to Christmas Songs

Do you start blasting the Christmas songs in November? Or do you think the festive tunes should be reserved for the big day only? Whether you love or loathe them, putting on your favourite Christmas album will not only fill yourself but your home, car or office with joy. Turn the volume up and have a good old singalong!

10. Wrap Up & Add a Bow

Those festive scenes and the thought of your loved ones opening their gifts will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. So, take the stress out of wrapping up presents and gifts by taking your time with doing a small number each week. This way, you will have more time and energy to add that extra flourish and finishing touch to each present with ribbons, bows and tags.

11. Tour the Best of the Decorated Houses

Get the whole family into the festive spirit by touring the neighbourhood glittering displays. Some people go all out, lighting up their houses and gardens with inflatable Santas, lit up snowmen and flashing lights. So, why not show your appreciation by leaving a donation in their charity collection box if they have one. Or think of games for the whole family to get involved in as you walk, such as the first person to spot a candy cane or sprig of mistletoe? 

Just don’t forget to wrap up warm and consider filling a flask with hot chocolate to keep you all moving. 

12. Enjoy the Party 

Whether it’s with your friends, family or work colleagues, wear a silly hat, pull crackers and tell bad jokes. It’s all part of the fun in the festive season, so don’t be afraid to go all out for this year’s party celebrations! Our golden rule for being the perfect party guest is never to show up empty-handed, bring an assortment of Ringtons treats for the guests, or a gift hamper for the host with the most, and then you can enjoy the party!

Get in the Christmas Spirit with Ringtons

Now you have read through our top tips for feeling the Christmas spirit this holiday season, don’t forget to relax and enjoy the little moments too. These are sometimes our favourite and most treasured memories, after all. Find the perfect Christmas presents in our wide range of hampers and gift sets also available online now, and explore the best gifts for tea lovers guide online now.

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