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10 REASONS TO WATCH WIMBLEDON AT HOME blog headerYou know it’s truly summer when Wimbledon hits our screens and airwaves. Not everyone has the luxury of watching it live on court however, but we think it’s better watched from the comfort of your own home.

And here’s why.


  1. The Weather. Always unpredictable. It’s super exciting if it’s really hot and the players are sweating buckets. You pity them as their hair becomes soggier and their faces redder. Rain however can stop play and if you’re there at the event, unless Cliff Richard’s there too and decides to sing to everyone again, it’s likely you’ll waste lots of time staring at an empty court.

    Grassy Hill with Blue Sky
    Henman Hill or Murray Mound?
  2. Murray Mound or Henman Hill? Neither actually. Its real name is Aorangi Terrace but the war of names continues in cyber space as fans with the ability to name places in google keep changing it. But really. Who cares when you’re at home?
  3. Who’s in the crowd? The cameras love to stray from the action on the court to the spectators, where royalty, celebrity and common folk sit in close proximity. It’s good when you want to check out what the Queen’s wearing or which film star is sitting next to the football star, but if it’s you the camera lands on, and you just so happen to be stuffing a cream scone in your mouth, that’s not such a good look.

    Girl with jam over her face.
    Stuffing your face – not a good look.
  4. Your secret hope. You can still shout “Come on Tim!” and giggle to yourself before remembering those days are long gone and Tim will never again get the chance to win Wimbledon. Without the crowd of spectators audibly gasping and staring you out.
  5. Getting overexcited. Sometimes the match is so close and before you can stop it you’ve wooped or cheered and everyone else is gasping as a player falls. And you cheered. And there’s uncomfortable silence. But not if you’re at home!

    Awkward Moment Ahead Road Sign
  6. The Fever. You can go years without it and then bam! It’s up your nose and in your eyes and you’re a sniveling, watery eyed, hot mess. Indoors however you can protect your sensitive features and stay bright eyed and bushy tailed!

    Lady with Hayfever
    The Fever Strikes!
  7. Not getting it. Sometimes it’s so fast you’re not quite sure what just happened. Did she just lose that point? How come? Courtside, there’s always a diehard Wimbledon fan ready to give you the death stare as they tell you that the rules haven’t changed for 138 years and that was obvs out! Obvs.Confused Man




8. No dress code. At home, you don’t have to wear white, sunglasses or any kind of appropriate “I might get on the telly” summer outfit. You can even stay in your pj’s if you want.

Girl in Pjyamas
PJ Chic
  1. Dreams. You can pretend you’re the Queen and wave your hand just so. Or at least the Queen bee.

    Queen Bee
    Queen Bee
  2. Switch it off. It’s mandated that at least one of the major British TV channels must broadcast the finals live, for free and in full, every, single year. But you don’t have to watch. That’s the great thing about TiVo and having multiple channels. You can switch over when you get bored, record it and skip the slow parts or channel hop to your heart’s content.

    Woman yawning at the TV
    Bored Now.

Game, Set and Match!

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