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“Tea & more to your door”

 Unlike many other tea producers we believe in ensuring quality all the way through the process and that means delivering the tea direct to your door. You won't find our teas in the supermarket. The only way you can enjoy a great Ringtons cuppa is by getting a fortnightly delivery from one of our friendly sales people - or right here on the website of course. Over 100 years ago our founder Samuel Smith saw the potential of delivering high quality, fresh tea and other products direct to customers doors and although we now use a Connect van rather than a Horse and Carriage to do our rounds we still believe in delivering our goods personally.

From humble beginnings in Newcastle upon Tyne, we now have 24 offices across the country stretching from Edinburgh in the North, to East Anglia in the South and as far West as Lancashire.
It is an early start each morning, loading the vans and setting off with the day's journey details on the handheld computer. Our sales people battle through all weathers to make sure that our customers get their regular delivery. Many of our customers have been drinking Ringtons tea all their lives. With a wide range of products to choose from, our salespeople carry the well-known Ringtons basket to each customer's door. A delicious range of biscuits and other seasonal products is available all year round.

 "You're never far from a Ringtons van" says Tony at Newton Aycliffe Office. "We deliver to most areas on a regular basis and we'll always go out of our way to make sure we deliver what you want."

"We receive deliveries once a week which ensures that we can deliver the freshest products to our customers." adds Kevin at Sunderland. "Our customers appreciate the quality and freshness of our products. Have a Ringtons Ginger Snap with your next Ringtons cuppa and you'll see what I mean."
If you would like to find out if there is a friendly and reliable Ringtons salesperson delivering in your area, please contact our Customer Care team on Freephone 0800 052 2440 or email tea@ringtons.co.uk. Lisa Turnbull our Customer Care Supervisor and her team are ready and waiting to help you.

 If you'd like to know more about To Your Door, you can contact us here.
 For Trade

 “Your business can count on ours;

 we've been providing high quality tea and coffee for over 100 years”

 Established in 1907, Ringtons is a family business that started life as a doorstep delivery service selling tea to the North East. Founded by Samuel Smith, Ringtons expanded rapidly and survived two world wars to bring quality teas & coffees to customers nationwide. Now a fifth generation family business, we have remained true to our values and blend all of our tea and roast all of our coffee in-house. We pride ourselves on supreme quality and the distinction of the Ringtons brand.

 “Ingredients for your success”

 The 21st century brings a new era to the Ringtons brand, for over 30 years the Ringtons’ business division have supplied the nations’ superior cafes, restaurants, hotels and workplaces with tea, coffee & commercial equipment. Historically a tea supplier, Ringtons have invested heavily in the coffee industry and are fast becoming known for quality coffees as well as delicious teas. Our expertise and knowledge of the beverage industry ensures the best possible service to you and your clients providing your establishment with all of the training and ingredients on which to build success.


“Investment in you”

 Our customer service is unrivalled and on hand to guide you through every step whether this is your first purchase or you are a frequent buyer. We favour a flexible approach and endeavour to provide a service that is friendly, approachable and reliable.

 “Join our family”

 Our customers are an extension of the Ringtons brand and in becoming a part of the Ringtons family we hope to see the next 100 years of the tea and coffee trade together.

For all trade enquiries please visit our dedicated Ringtons Beverageswebsite or call the team on 0800 0461 444.


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