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Ringtons Picks: National Afternoon Tea Week

Ringtons Picks: National Afternoon Tea Week

We have the rather peckish Duchess of Bedford, Anna Russell to thank for the creation of afternoon tea as we know it today. Although tea has been drunk for centuries, the ritual of afternoon tea is a fairly modern invention in comparison. As fuel became […]

Ringtons Recipe: Triple Chocolate Cheesecake

Ringtons Recipe: Triple Chocolate Cheesecake

A wise person once said that there isn’t such thing as too much chocolate, so we decided to run with it! This Triple Chocolate Cheesecake recipe is a chocoholics dream and it uses our heavenly Triple Chocolate Cookies as the base. Share your photos with […]

In Conversation with Stephen Drysdale, Head of Coffee

In Conversation with Stephen Drysdale, Head of Coffee

Stephen will be reaching his Ringtons centenary next year, he joined the business back in 2010 and is ultimately responsible for all things coffee – from sourcing, buying and quality control to the production of coffee and management of our multimillion pound roasting facility. It’s an exciting time for coffee here at Ringtons, so we caught up with Stephen about what’s on the cards for the division.


Describe a day at Ringtons in the life of Stephen Drysdale:

No two days are the same which is what I like the best. Currently I am finalising designs for a significant increase in roasting capacity and the purchase of an additional roaster which will be delivered in early 2020. I’m also working on a new strategic vision for the next five years, some branding work for a new coffee proposition and helping with some tenders for national account opportunities…there’s lots happening!


What’s the question people ask you most about your job? …and what’s your answer?

Ringtons make coffee? I thought they just made tea!! Yes, we have produced coffee for over 80 years and supply coffee to countless high-profile places throughout the country. I guarantee you will have drunk Ringtons coffee without knowing it.


What’s the best thing about the coffee industry at the moment?

The ease in which you can work directly with the actual producer, the farmer. For example, within the last four months we have had some pre-ship samples from a farm in Brazil we hadn’t heard of, but we loved the coffee, flew out and met the farmer and now awaiting our first shipment into the Port of Tyne – it’s direct trade at its best.


…and what gets on your nerves?

There is no X in Expresso 😉


So, why should people buy Ringtons coffee? What’s so special?

The care and attention that goes unnoticed to most people, anyone would be amazed at the touch points within the roaster’s supply chain. The sheer volume of quality checks and work that goes into creating your cup of coffee is amazing and the process is fascinating. From receiving samples to distributing the final coffee, we work tirelessly so you receive the freshest and most enjoyable product.


What’s your go-to Ringtons coffee product?

If I’m going for a black americano I’d choose Colombian, but I do love Triple Certified as an iced latte with a dash of sugar free caramel syrup.


When you’re not drinking coffee, what are you drinking?

Gold tea obviously! Or a cheeky vodka and diet coke on a night out.


Ginger Snap or Sultana Cookie?

For a snack I’d go for a Ginger Snap but for indulgence Sultana Cookies


What’s your roast?

What’s your roast?

Are you smooth and sweet, dark and intense or somewhere in between? Whatever your flavour profile, we can perfectly match you with a Ringtons coffee bean for a satisfying cup. Take a look at our coffee collection, if there’s a flavour that you’d like to know […]

Ringtons Travel Diaries: Sadie’s South American Coffee Conquest

Ringtons Travel Diaries: Sadie’s South American Coffee Conquest

  Earlier this week, Sadie, our Green Coffee Buyer and QC Manager, headed to Brazil to spend some time with our coffee suppliers and producers. We buy a substantial amount of our coffee from Brazil. It’s harvest time in Brazil at the moment so it’s […]

Brand New To The Basket: July (Part 2)

Brand New To The Basket: July (Part 2)

Some people get all their Christmas shopping done by July, others forget to order the turkey and end up eating chicken for dinner, and some somewhere inbetween! To make things easier, we have launched a selection of festive early bird items to get you started.

Diary Set:

The theme for the 2020 diary is all things home and garden. Every month there is a home DIY craft which uses general household items rather than buying brand new materials and 12 recipes that use seasonal ingredients – just wait until you try the Spicy Spouts! Set comes with two diaries

Perfect for: Gifts for all ages or a New Year treat for yourself.

Christmas Cake:

Thanks to this pre-weighed mix you don’t need to be a Mary Berry in the kitchen to make a traditional Christmas Cake! All you need to add to the mix is three eggs, 150g of butter and something to ‘feed’ your cake with. With a clear recipe included and a special baking container this Christmas Cake Mix is truly fool proof.

Perfect for: A stress free Christmas

Turkish Delight:

It’s Christmas – you’re allowed! Introducing the first Ringtons Christmas treat to grace our baskets, Turkish Delight. Our traditional Turkish Delight is a delicate rose flavoured jelly covered in luxurious milk chocolate… need we say more?

Perfect for: A little taste of luxury


Delicious AND festive. Rumoured to be a favourite in the North Pole, our Snowballs are individually wrapped gooey marshmallows smothered in milk chocolate and topped with coconut flakes. Plus, they look like actual snowballs!

Perfect for: Santa, elves, reindeers, humans